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Recharging My Bliss Batteries

Last year I was so inspired by my first Blissdom conference that I came home and had a ring made to remind me of the fabulous feeling that I brought with me from hanging out with people who totally “get” me (I completely stole the ring idea from Dr. Brene’ Brown’s keynote presentation).

Well I’ve just returned from this year’s Blissdom conference and once again I’ve been totally re-energized by the fabulous sessions, great takeaways and all the wonderful people that I had the pleasure of hanging out with for three short days last week.  I’m overjoyed that I got to spend time with fabulous old friends like Heather Sokol, Heather Tenney, and Lynda Schrader and awesome new friends like Jenna Farelyn, Kristan Stanton, Jamie Miles, Jerri Ann Reason and Pamela Schamblin.

This year’s lineup included longer workshop style sessions – I really enjoyed the business track sessions that I attended like Is Your Idea the Next Facebook? How to Think Like an Entrepreneur and Turn Your Brilliant Idea Into a Real Business, Ignite the Sparks of Passion with the Fuel of Purpose, LIKEABILITY 2.0: Women, Influence and the Social Web, and 3 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW to Grow Your Facebook Fan Page.  My two favorite parts of the conference (not including the parties and networking) were Jon Acuff’s keynote presentation and getting to hear Michael Hyatt talk about creating a life plan.

These wonderful speakers and bloggers have inspired me to be a better blogger, business person, friend and mother.  Thanks so much – I can’t wait to be with you all again next year, I’m sure I’ll be ready by then for another recharge.

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“Sisters. Brothers. One life. But we’re not the same. We get to – carry each other, carry each other. One.” ~ U2

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