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6 Common Discipline Mistakes Parents Make

6 Common Discipline Mistakes Parents MakeOne of the most difficult things every parent has to do is discipline his or her child. Children often do things they shouldn’t do. As a parent, it is your responsibility to tell your child what to do—and what not to do.

Although there are many ways to discipline a child, there are also numerous studies on which ways are and aren’t good forms of discipline. Here are some of the top discipline mistakes that you might be making:

1) Losing your temper

When you lose your cool, your first instinct may be to blow up and scream at your kids. If you yell at your child, however, your child will likely just yell right back at you. Look your child straight in the eye and speak to him or her in a calm, firm voice.

2) Disagreeing on house rules

Parents must always present a united front when it comes to enforcing rules at home. Disagreeing on rules and forms of discipline in front of your children is a no-no, as it will make them think that they can do what they want if they approach the right parent. You and your spouse should discuss how you want to handle important issues such as homework, bedtime and even snacks before meals and then present a united front.

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