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Hello!  I’m Denise and I’m so happy that you took the time to visit my site!  I was a real estate appraiser for 18 years and I chose to retire from the business after the downturn in the economy turned a career I had loved for so long into a depressing way to spend my days.  Even though the market was tanking and work was no longer plentiful, I was lucky enough to have loyal clients who still sent work my way, but all of a sudden the jobs were for foreclosure or bankruptcy purposes and homeowners were no longer happy to see me like they were when they were selling their house or borrowing against it to buy a boat or pay for college.

In the meanwhile, I have five year old BBGG quadruplets and a six year old son who were definitely sensing the tension in the house so we made the life altering decision to close the appraisal business and focus on my sewing books and pattern design, which had previously been mostly a hobby I enjoyed in my “spare” time.  I love sewing and creating and am truly enjoying working online and expanding the business, but this change in our life paths also put a huge dent in our budget so we quickly had to look for ways to keep our family of seven fed!

Although I’ve always been a coupon clipper, I had never been a strategic couponer, and never truly understood what you can do with a little planning.  I searched the web for the best resources and learning tools and was amazed at how much better I could do on our weekly shopping trips!  Right off the bat I was able to save 40-50% – well that got me excited so I began seeking out all the information I could find and I was amazed by two things – the willingness of other people just like me to share all the amazing savings information, and how time consuming it could be to go to each and every niche website to put together my shopping trips.  That got me hooked on the power of community on the Internet and I started my third blog, Shopper Strategy, to bring these resources together and share frugal shopping tips and deals with my online friends.

I bought my first domain name and created my first website (which I have long since sold) in 1995, and that was the start of my ongoing love affair with the Internet and eCommerce.  With each ebook that I’ve written, and every pattern I’ve designed, I’ve added more domain names and web sites to an ever expanding portfolio under an umbrella organization called LLC.  Now I enjoy nothing more than helping others to find their online niche and learn how to navigate in this new world of online social media.


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