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Despair, envy and our social media blues

Despair, envy and our social media blues New Straits Times It has been said that social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter can cause people to spiral into depression, especially during festive periods, when it is perceived that others are doing better or having more fun. Tan Choe Choe writeswhether … Bookmark on Delicious Digg [Continue]

Tools to Schedule Your Tweets

Tools to Schedule Your Tweets

Image Credit:  Chris Wallace /  The average life span of a tweet is about ten minutes, but with a whopping 110 million tweets per day the reality is that most tweets die immediately and the majority of those that are re-tweeted take place within the hour immediately following the tweet. Because your goal is [Continue]

My Katy Perry Firework Tweet Ring

My Katy Perry Firework Tweet Ring

I attended my first Blissdom conference last week with my mother (she’s also a blogger) and I was so moved and motivated by the planners, speakers and panelists that I’ve made some major adjustments in the way I think about and present my business.  I’m excitedly planning and implementing new blog features and business [Continue]